So how did that happen?

I’ve come to the learning technology arena via technology – my background has been around delivering the infrastructure that runs the web, then using that technology to deliver learning environments such as Moodle to the point where most of my work is on the business side, advising and implementing systems & processes and not just the pure technology role I used to deliver. – it’s more about application of technology now and how to help people use them and deliver training using them effectively.

What this does mean is that over the last 5 years I’ve had something of a steep learning curve 😉 around learning. Actually that’s not entirely true – before a diving accident I spent about 10 years teaching SCUBA diving, and a large part of that role involved learning how to help people learn and develop new skills (that could quite literally save their life. There’s a story in there that I’ll try to remember to write-up one day …)

But I’m really interested in how people came into this role – and if you came from technology, how did you come to understand the learning & training aspects. Similarly, if you come from the learning viewpoint – what happened and how did you gain your knowledge about technology? Please use the comments box below, or reach out on twitter via @learningbloke.


Why blog

As you look around the internet, you’ll come across posts telling you why you should post blogs – if you found this through a search engine hoping for that perspective, apologies. What this post is about is why I blog Read more