Whilst the Glossary activity is most used to create a list of terms along with their definitions, it’s also possible to use it to create and manage a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. This short post will outline how to achieve this. There are a few steps to this

  1. Create a glossary activity
  2. Add FAQ entries
  3. Control Permissions

Creating a glossary

Firstly the FAQ must be placed within a course and you must have editing rights within the course, so a teacher (or similar) role. Navigate to the course and turn editing on. You will then have the ability to add a new activity – how this actually looks will depend upon your theme and Moodle version but it should be something similar to the image below:


Select the ‘add an activity’ and choose ‘Glossary’ from the list. Choose an appropriate title and description and then scroll down to the ‘appearance’ section and change the display format to ‘FAQ’ as below

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save and Display’ button which will take you to the form where you can now start to create entries.

Adding FAQ entries

by clicking the ‘Add new entry’ button. This will be done using a form similar to that shown below – enter the Question text in the ‘Concept’ field and then the Answer in the ‘Definition’ Field, along with any appropriate keywords before clicking the ‘Save changes’ button.

Using permissions to create a read-only FAQ

By default, when a glossary is created within Moodle, anyone can add new entries – you might want to restrict this so that participants in a course can only view the list. To do this we need to alter the permissions for the activity. We can do this by clicking on the ‘Permissions’ entry in the ‘Administration Menu’ (highlighted below)

The form displayed will then allow us to modify the permissions available within the glossary. In the Filter field shown below, enter the text ‘create new’ and then click the X next to student and confirm the action before clicking on the link to return to the Glossary.

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